Regional Permanency Center Program

Post-Adoption Services Program

For more information about

G.A.’s Community Based Services please call:

Ericka Garcia

Program Manager

Jamestown ~ 716-708-6161

This vital Post Adoption/Guardianship Support Program is made possible by an award from the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.


If you, or someone you know has adopted or has legal guardianship of a child in their home and are looking for additional support, please contact  Ericka Garcia, LMSW at 716-708-6161 in our Jamestown Office, Mark Manka, MS at 716-668-0490 in our West Seneca Office or Jill Manka, MS at 716-222-4042 in our Holland Office.


*A Pre-adoptive Support Program is also available for Chautauqua County residents who meet TANF eligibility.  Please contact Ericka Garcia, LMSW at 716-708-6161 for additional information.


“...never forget for a single minute that you didn’t grow under my heart, but in it.”


The Accountability and Responsibility “A&R” Program is an exciting and innovative initiative serving at risk youth in Chautauqua County who have been identified as needing additional services to prevent out of home placement.  The Accountability and Responsibility Program serves as an after school resource focusing on the  development of life skills, the creation of individualized change plans, and provides a safe, fun, and supervised environment to help youth succeed.

Community Based Services

Accountability and Responsibility Program

G.A. Family Services Regional Permanency Center Program assists families who reside in Erie, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Niagara or Wyoming County and have opened their hearts and homes to expand their family through adoption or legal guardianship. Many children who have been adopted or living with a legal guardian have experienced trauma at various points in their lives. It is the mission of our program to ensure that these families not only remain together, but also thrive in the community with the availability of natural supports. The Regional Permanency Center Program utilizes a Solution-Focused Trauma-Informed approach to help sustain family unity, well-being and post adoption/guardianship transition.  The Program employs five dedicated Caseworkers to support families along with the expertise of credentialed clinical, administrative and support staff.

  • Program Objective

    The A & R Program strives to maintain youth in their home setting as well as reduce recidivism rates of youth requiring Family Court intervention. Youth workers partner with participants to address their social, emotional, behavioral, cultural, spiritual and physical needs. The Program strives to create a climate of mutual respect, understanding, acceptance, safety, equality, diversity, personal accountability and responsibility.

  • Program Model

    G.A. Family Services’ Accountability and Responsibility program utilizes The Forward Thinking Interactive Journaling® Series. This cognitive-behavioral series uses evidence based strategies to assist youth involved in the criminal justice system in making positive changes to their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Applying the information presented in the interactive journals to their own lives helps participants achieve their goals of responsible living. The Forward Thinking Series provides high risk youth with an opportunity to identify and target risk/need areas. The series will guide juvenile high risk populations in taking ownership of the choices and actions that lead to positive change. The Forward Thinking Interactive Journaling® Series was developed in collaboration with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and The Division of Juvenile Justice’s Interactive Journaling® Charter.

  • Youth Eligibility Requirements

    Youth must meet the following criteria for admission into the program:

    • Ages 13 through 18

    • Referred by Juvenile Probation Officer or Chautauqua County DSS Caseworker

    • Ability to interact with peers in an appropriate manner

  • Core Areas of Focus

    • Community Engagement and Service

    • Education Supports

    • Time Management Skills

    • Problem Solving and Decision Making

    • Matching Career / Interests

    • Employment Preparation & Related Skills

    • Addressing Prejudice and Discrimination

    • Communication Skills

    • Listening Skills

    • Conflict Management and Solution Building

  • Eligibility Requirements

    Families are eligible for service if they meet the following criteria:

    • Family must reside in Erie, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Niagara or Wyoming County

    • Family has adopted or are has legal guardianship of at least one child in the home.

  • Core Services Provided

    • Linkage and Referral

    • Casework and Post-Adoptive/Guardianship Planning

    • Post-Adoption/Guardianship Counseling

    • Clinical and Psychiatric Services

    • Parent Training and Education

    • Family Support Group

    • Advocacy

    • Community Outreach

    • Transition Planning

    • 24/7 Staff Support