First Lutheran Church Donates $1,000 to Foster Care Program

After a very moving presentation on our G.A. Family Services Foster Care program to the Lutheran Clergy recently, the First Lutheran Church of Jamestown made a $1,000 donation to our foster care program through proceeds from their community outreach thrift store. The staff at Lutheran and GA are shocked and so very grateful for this generous gift!

First Lutheran was organized by Swedish immigrants in Jamestown in 1856. The First Lutheran Church Community Outreach Center Thrift Store is located on the third floor of the First Lutheran Church, corner of Chandler and Center Streets. Items can be donated to the thrift store and all proceeds go back into the community to area nonprofits and other social organizations.

Store hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 3 pm. To learn how to donate, call 716-664-4601.

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