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G.A. Learning Center

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The G.A. Learning Center is an approved 853 school serving students with emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, and other health impairments related to behavioral needs. The school is licensed to educate 90 students in grades 1-12 in 8:1:1  classes.

Students are provided NYS Regents curricula and are able to earn credit towards a high school diploma and the CDOS (Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential).

A variety of therapeutic supports are in place to meet the social and behavioral needs of the youth, including PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) to redirect and reteach student behaviors.

Transition activities are coordinated throughout the program for youth that identify meaningful areas to engage students in appropriate school and career opportunities to plan for a successful transition back into the community upon discharge.

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  • GA Learning Center, Teacher

    Purpose of this position:

    Teaching special education youth, ages 6-21, who are CSE classified as Learning disabled or educationally, emotionally disabled in a residential setting.



    Valid NYS Driver’s License.  Bachelor’s degree with SED certification in special education, or in process.  Previous experience with adolescents.


    *Currently looking for teachers with emphasis in the following: Math, Music, Art, and Social Studies.

  • Why Choose Us?

    • Performing as One Team

      Students are supported at the GA Learning Center with a multidisciplinary approach.  Staff works to meet the individualized needs of our students to ensure they are successful during their time with us.  School staff includes:

      • Teachers: NYS licensed teachers instruct students in courses following learning standards set forth by the NYS Department of Education.
      • Teacher Aides: Provide behavioral support to students in the classroom.
      • Behavior Intervention Team: Consists of behavior intervention specialists and a coordinator.  This team provides ongoing support to students as well as work to redirect and reteach behaviors with a positive focus.
      • Supportive Staff: Consists of a school psychologist, school counselor, social worker, transition coordinator and curriculum coordinator.  These staff provides various support to students both directly and indirectly in meeting individual goals and program needs.
    • Being Accountable for Results

      We take pride in the level of programming that we are able to provide for our students.  We are able to provide individualized services that meet the students where they are at and help them to reach their fullest potential.  Our staff collects ongoing data on individual and program outcomes to monitor growth and make adjustments as needed to ensure success.

    • Leading By Example

      We understand the importance of being positive role models for the students.  This is an important piece to having successful placements for our students.  Our students are given opportunities through service learning to contribute to the community and our school to help direct them to making more positive choices that contribute to lifelong positive behaviors.

    • Sharing Our Knowledge and Expertise

      Our staff receives ongoing professional development opportunities to continue to refine their expertise in their field.  This is expertise is shared with students both in the classroom in formal settings and in more informal settings, such as group activities.  Some of the areas of continued learning for staff include trauma-informed care, positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS), therapeutic crisis intervention, and reaching diverse learners in the classroom.

    • Delivering a Personalized Experience

      Student needs are assessed based on both short-term, which can include immediate needs, and long terms goals.  Staff recognizes the importance of meeting students where they are at on a continuum of care and tailoring their approach to help individual students meet their goals.  At the same time, students are highly involved in their own educational planning.