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Andrea J. Fitzsimmons

Program Manager of Pathways

Phone: 716-668-0490  Ext. 5035

Fax: 716-338-0565

Cell Phone: 716-490-1258

G.A. Family Services

40 Gardenville Parkway

Suite 100

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Pathways Program

We create a safe, stress free environment

for parents and children to visit!

Pathways recognizes that frequently family circumstances do not “fit a mold.” Pathways professionals are often able to assist in creating a customizable plan in an effort to increase the success of meeting the unique needs of families. Please feel free to contact this office for a consultation regarding planning for services.


Pathways Mission Statement

Pathways is a supervised access program that provides a neutral setting to build positive relationships and to spend time with one another. The goal of Pathways is to provide a stress-free environment for children, parents and family members so that they may enjoy positive interaction with one another in a child-friendly setting.

Pathways is a participating member

of the Supervised Visitation Network

  • Services Offered

    • Therapeutic Supervised Access (TSA)

    • Community Supervision

    • Sibling Access

    • Monitored Exchange

    • Reunification planning

    • In-Services/ Trainings

    • Group programs for children,

      adults & adolescents

    Sliding scale fees will be considered for those required to pay full percentage with proper documentation only.


    Fees listed are total fees; should fees be ordered to be split the fee will be split as outlined by the court order and may not qualify for sliding scale rates.


    Military and pre-pay discounts are offered.


    Please note that for court ordered services a Court Order must be received prior to scheduling the first access session.


    All appointments are scheduled by calling or emailing this office ~ Drop-in appointments are not allowed.


    Pathways is a participating member of the Supervised Visitation Network.

  • Reunification Planning

    Following an estrangement, anxiety or awkwardness may occur in anticipation of reunification. For this reason, Pathways offers reunification support to families who are in need. Reunification planning consists of individual consultation with each of the parties, skill-building joint sessions to re-engage both parties and debriefing with each party following each skill building session. Follow-up sessions are included to discuss progress and areas for improvement. Provided by a licensed clinician.


    FEES: $350 for 6 sessions.

  • In-Services/Trainings

    Pathways professionals are happy to assist your organization in raising awareness, understanding and education regarding purpose of Supervised Access, and the impact of familial separation on children and families. All presentations are provided by a licensed clinician.

    FEES: $75 per hour.

  • Group Programs

    Pathways periodically offers specific group sessions for children, adolescents and adults based upon identified need or interests of the community. These group sessions are generally short term, psycho-educational and supportive. Groups are conducted by Master level student interns alongside licensed clinicians. Group topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Assertiveness Training   • Grief/ Loss   • Anxiety Management

    • Phase of Life Issues   • Teen Support for Divorce

    FEES: range from $0-20 per session.

    Insurances are not accepted.  Groups are open to community.

  • Therapeutic Supervised Access

    TSA is not family therapy; instead it provides a safe, supervised setting for parents, grandparents and children to visit while providing opportunities to develop relationships with one another. Pathways clinicians provide educational opportunities for adults and children via intervention, debriefing and discussion. Access occurs on site. Court Order is required.

    FEES: $120 total intake /$75 per hour.

  • Community Supervision

    Visitation between parent, grandparent and child(ren) in the community with a Pathways professional. Parents work with a clinician to plan age and developmentally appropriate activities in safe settings. Settings may include parks, playgrounds and restaurants. Destinations are encouraged to promote communication and education. Court Order is required.

    FEES: $120 total intake/$75 per hour Activity fees are responsibility of the visiting parent.

  • Sibling Visitation

    Pathways offers visitation services for children to have access with siblings. These visits occur on site initially, however may transition to community visits pending circumstances. Clinicians will assist in planning age and developmentally appropriate activities and facilitation of discussion regarding circumstances based upon the children’s needs.

    FEES: $100 intake/$75 session.

  • Monitored Exchange

    Pathways offers a neutral alternative for exchanges from one family member to another. Facilitated by Pathways professionals, each parent is offered debriefing and planning for safety and education regarding smooth transitions. Court Order is required.

    FEES: $120 intake/$40 (2 way exchange).