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The Residential Treatment Center

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  • Residential Treatment Program

    We accept male and female referrals between the ages of 12 and 18.   Our residential program consists of four living units, each with a capacity of 11 youth.  The bedrooms on the unit are either private or semi-private.  The primary focus each unit is to provide social skill development utilizing a cognitive behavioral model and a trauma informed care approach with a strong emphasis placed on life skill development, positive behavior, and Balanced and Restorative Justice.

    Our youth participate in a wide variety of structured activities with a therapeutic focus to include counseling, education, recreation and volunteer opportunities.  A behavioral modification/level system is used to monitor and provide feedback to the youth, family and referring agency regarding the progress being made in the program.  It also determines the level of privileges the youth is able to obtain based on his/her ability to meet the established treatment goals and the outlined expectations of socially acceptable behavior.

    Community resources are utilized for activities such as the YWCA, YMCA, Jamestown Community College, Boys and Girls Club, sporting and various cultural events throughout the year.  Youth can also be involved in community sport leagues and volunteer opportunities in a variety of community programs.

  • Why Choose Us?

    • Performing as One Team

      In the Residential Program, youth in care receive treatment services that embrace a team approach.  The concept of teamwork is displayed through the use of multidisciplinary teams that support the youth through their placement.  The youth’s multidisciplinary team of professionals who provide services to youth and families includes:

      • Child care counselors:  This employee provides direct care and support to the youth during their stay in care at GA.
      • PM Shift Supervisors: Responsible for the management of the afternoon/evening shifts maintaining the structure and milieu of the environment.
      • Treatment Coordinators: Responsible for the management of the youth’s unit.
      • Supportive Therapist: Master’s level clinician responsible for the youth’s therapy while in care.
      • Family Service Worker: This person based in the community works in the home with the youth and family.  They conduct structured sessions with families surrounding the identification of health roles, rules and responsibilities in the family.  These concepts are practiced through regular home visits by the youth.
      • Referring Agency caseworker
      • Parent/ Legal Guardian
    • Being Accountable for Results

      We take pride in offering quality services to youth and their families when residential placement is required.  The staff is provided ongoing training to ensuring that they are apprised of the best practice guidelines in working with the youth’s care.

    • Leading By Example

      Our staff understands the importance of role modeling and the impact that it has on the youth it serves. We hire qualified individuals that will assist the youth in developing new strategies and understandings of a new way of life.  Through integrated activities and community service, the youth learn the benefit of giving back to others and changing their pre-placement patterns that resulted in their need for out of home placement.

    • Sharing Our Knowledge and Expertise

      It is valuable that our staff offer the youth the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise that will make them successful in their lives.  The structured environment encompasses a variety of groups and activities that make learning opportunities possible for youth. These include:

      • Drug and Alcohol Prevention

      • Athletic opportunities through intramural activities

      • Dance

      • Sex Education

      • Character Development

      • Values Clarification

      • Community Service

      • Employment

      • Volunteering

    • Delivering a Personalized Experience

      Every youth coming into care presents unique circumstances which has required placement at this level of care. Staff will conduct a thorough assessment of the youth’s strengths and needs to begin to determine a treatment strategy for working with the youth.  Then by working with the youth and his multidisciplinary team we are able to develop an individualized treatment plan that will outline the course of treatment. The treatment plan provides a guide for staff in how to engage the youth and family in service delivery. This plan is reviewed as needed and changes are discussed through meeting with the youth and the multidisciplinary treatment team. Our goal is to develop a treatment strategy that will meet the youth’s needs and assist them in successfully returning home, or transitioning to a lower level of care.

  • Trained Child Care Counselors

    Our Child Care Counselors are considered the primary care­givers for the youth. Staff is provided ongoing training in areas such as Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), First Aid and CPR, HIPAA and Confidentiality, Medication Administration, Emergency and Evacuation Procedures, and effective customer service. Our staff provides a safe predictable environment through regularly scheduled individual and group counseling sessions focused on developing appropriate coping skills, building healthy relationships, anger management, sex education, values clarification, self-esteem issues, and substance abuse education. This is created through a daily routine with clear expectations of socially appropriate behavior.

  • Clinical Services

    All youth are assigned a Supportive Therapist for weekly individual counseling sessions or more frequently if needed. A permanency goal is established for each youth which provides a direction for treatment planning. This planning is documented in the Family Assessment and Service Plan as mandated by the Office of Children and Family Services. We provide an array of group counseling sessions to address the presenting concern upon placement into the program i.e. drug and alcohol education and prevention, grief and loss issues, sex education. Additional groups are developed based upon youth needs and input that would benefit their growth and development. Community resources are also utilized as needed.

    Special-­interest clubs and groups are developed to assist with individual skill development, to teach youth to carry through with obligations, and to experience some measure of success or competency in a specific area. The groups are designed to be practical so that the youth can continue their interests after residential treatment i.e. Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Gay Straight Alliance meetings. Aftercare services are available for a minimum of six months to those youth and families who complete the residential program. Services would consist of counseling supports to the family and youth as a transition in returning to their community.

    Our medical staff (Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse) is overseen by a Medical Director who is responsible for monitoring and scheduling the youth’s medical, dental and specialist appointments. Youth are provided a routine physical examination, dental and basic medical care (Speech, hearing, vision, and physical assessments are completed annually). When emergency care is required we utilize our local hospital. Psychiatric evaluations are completed on all youth by a licensed Child Psychiatrist and assist in the development of a treatment plan. If medication prescribed, they will monitor all prescribed of psychiatric medication.

  • Religious Services

    We are committed to helping our youth explore and develop their relationship with God, others and themselves. We believe that being connected to one’s spirituality is an important part of being a whole and healthy person. Our part-time chaplain is actively integrated into the youth’s daily program. To that end, we offer a variety of services and groups to assist in their development for those that wish to participate on a voluntary basis i.e. Alateen, bible study, spirituality groups, individual counseling and can develop other groups based on the needs of the youth.  The youth are offered the opportunity to attend worship services at local churches of their choice in the area or at the Lutheran Chapel on the grounds.