Family Time Supervised Visitation

Beginning in 2021 G.A. Family Services partnered with Chautauqua County to provide expanded opportunities for Family Time for those families in need of supervision while in foster care.

The G.A. Family Time Program has up to three full-time Family Time Specialists, allowing for parents and children to have supervised, coached, and supportive visits in their own homes and communities.

Referrals for cases come from Chautauqua County workers. Family Time Specialists engage with the case manager, case planners, parents, foster parents, and youth to assure for successful engagement and support in family time visits.

The Family Time Program is founded in the principles of Trauma Informed Care, the Coached Family Visits model, and strives for positive and supportive experiences for all parents and children during their

time together. Building and maintaining the parent-child relationship is vital to successful reunification for youth and families involved in the foster care system.